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The Reimagining of Public Safety: The People's Forum

For decades the People of Chattanooga have attended countless community meetings, organized mass assemblies, and have taken over the streets to call out the increasingly visible violence upheld by local law enforcement in our city. Chattanooga is a city that prides itself on innovation. While we know that what the city calls innovation is often just a code word for gentrification and privatization; creativity and innovation goes out the window when it comes to public safety.

Our elected leaders have failed time and time again to acknowledge and address the exploitation and perpetual oppression faced by Black, Brown, and Indigenous, poor, working class people of Chattanooga. We will no longer accept merily the adjusting of policing strategies, increasing the size of the police force, and expanding police technology to further surveille our communities. To truly address crime and violence, Chattanoogans desire innovation beyond investing in institutions that harm and displace us but instead investing in sustainable solutions to address the root causes of the problems we face. We've learned through countless meetings over the last several years and from courageous activists and organizers across the country, we must think about safety beyond policing.

Join Us on Sunday February 7th, 2021 @6:00pm For a community discussion with the 2021 Chattanooga Mayoral and City Council candidates

The Reimagining of Public Safety Pledge is drawn from years of organizing for an end to state violence, as well as the visions and demands of the organizations within the Community Control Now coalition. Together, we recognize our shared struggle and articulate a common vision and a pledge to hold newly elected officials accountable.


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