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Concerned Citizens for Justice

CCJ is a multi-racial Black Liberation organization that prioritizes the leadership of Black folks. Our over-arching goal is to end White Supremacy in the Chattanooga region. We believe in using a diverse set of tactics, so we approach this work many ways.

Chattanooga Racial Equity Collective 10-

Chattanooga Racial Equity Collective

We are focused collaborators. We are not a program or a silver bullet. We are intentional. We are independent, local consultants making the case for understanding and implementation of racial equity ideology. We build the local case for why racial equity matters. We identify key practices and principles needed to cultivate a racial equity framework within any type of organization.


The Community Control Now Coalition

We are community members, grassroots and faith-based organizations from across the city, united in ending police violence and misconduct through winning community control of the police.


Tennessee United

Tennessee United is a grassroots group comprised of undocumented and DACAmented leaders, community members, and advocates dedicated to defending and organizing the rights of migrants and underserved communities.

The Unity Group - Home Page 10-24-2020 1

The Unity Group of Chattanooga

Unity Group of Chattanooga is a community organization that focuses on social justice issues in our city.  first organized in the fall of 1969. The purpose of the Unity Group was to select Black candidates and help elect them to position within the local government. They were very active in changing the Hamilton County Council to the now Hamilton County Commission. The Group provided the frame work for the 9th district seat and help elect two Black to the Hamilton County Commission Seat. 

10-000 Fearless Men - Women- Headquarter

10,000 Fearless Men & Women of Chattanooga

The 10,000 Fearless Men & Women Headquarters of the South is a free, 24 hour conflict resolution center founded in the spirit of Love & Unity to provide resources and training that empowers families spiritually, physically and economically, promotes peace and ultimately transforms communities.

How We Got Here
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In Nashville TN, following the police killing of Jocques Clemmons, community members and grassroots organizers won a huge victory in the fight for police accountability with the passing of Amendment 1 on the 2018 midterm ballot

Since the 80s the demand for police accountability in Chattanooga has been driven by community members, grassroots organizations and faith-based groups across the city.


Since the launch of Community Control Now in 2019, the CCN coalition has worked tirelessly with the Law for Black Lives as well as legal council from Memphis, TN to prepare legislation that directly community led.

In 2019, responding to public outrage while knowing groups were building a campaign for an independent civilian oversight board, the Chattanooga City Council made minor reforms to the previous administrative review  committee and turned it into the Police Advisory Review Committee. (PARC). The PARC is merely a restructuring of the existing and ineffective Administrative Review Committee and is designed to maintain the status quo while appearing to address community outrage over multiple recent incidents of police violence and misconduct. 

The Community Control Now Coalition has spent nearly two years educating across on the why, what , and how of winning a true Independent Oversight Board of the Chattanooga Police Department. 

The Community Control Now Coalition was approved by the Hamilton County Election Commission on Tuesday, October 13th 2020 to begin the process to collect signatures for the Community Control Now ballot initiative. The Hamilton County Election Commission has given us until December 2nd to collect 4,791 for the Community Control Now Ballot Initiative. 

Accountability matters and we won't give up


We'd like to thank the Nashville COB for all that they've done to help us on this road towards liberation. Thank you for fighting for the community and reaching across Tennessee so we can demand change and police accountability across the country.


Chattanooga, TN

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