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PARC VS COB: Know the Difference

` Nothing about us without us is for us. While the Chattanooga City Council is asking voters to cast their ballot for a policing reform that the Council has already implemented and put into practice, the Community Control Now coalition is continuing with our grassroots campaign for independent civilian oversight of the Chattanooga police department, by and for the people. Whether the City Council’s reform, known as the Police Administrative Review Committee (PARC), gets enough votes or not, the Community Control Now coalition is prepared to advance our legislation by collecting petition signatures to place true independent civilian oversight of the CPD on the ballot for March 2021. Once voted in, the Community Control Now legislation will amend the Chattanooga Code of Ordinances and replace the PARC with Community Control.

Why would the City Council put their PARC reform on the ballot after they’ve gone ahead and begun implementing the legislation already? If their reform gets voted down, would the Council put an end to their reform? If PARC members receive their training from the Chief of Police, isn’t that an inherent conflict of interest? These are just a few of the questions that have been raised by community members in our meetings. The PARC is designed to present the appearance of accountability, without addressing the structural contradictions of a police accountability process which is controlled by the City Council and the Chief of Police. The Police Administrative Review Committee, proposed and enacted by Chattanooga's City Council representatives, allows police to continue policing themselves. Our people deserve better.

The Difference is

black and White 


Estimated White Population Out Of Total Chattanooga Population in 2019


White People Arrested Out Of Total Arrests in Chattanooga in 2019


Estimated Black Population Out Of Total Chattanooga Population in 2019


Black People Arrested Out Of Total Arrests in Chattanooga in 2019

The PARC legislation maintains the status quo and will be focused on maintaining these disparities as the PARC is controlled by those who created the disparities in the first place.

Our Civilian Oversight Board will be independent of the City Council and the Chattanooga Police Department and will be comprised of members from the most heavily policed communities.

Creating a truly democratic city requires institutions that embody popular oversight and hold real decision making power; community-based infrastructure for education, organizing, and action around intervening in day-to-day governance; and broadly building the independent political power and organization of our people to govern ourselves. A Civilian Oversight Board is step towards collective liberation and putting the power back in the people's hand where it belongs.

Next Steps


Help the coalition gather signatures


Help support the coalition by donating


Make sure your voter registration is up to date

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