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Chattanooga Community Control Now Board

Creating a truly democratic city requires institutions that embody popular oversight and hold real decision making power; community-based infrastructure for education, organizing, and action around intervening in day-to-day governance; and broadly building the independent political power and organization of our people to govern ourselves.

The Goal

To create a civilian oversight board (COB) that exercises democratic accountability and disciplinary control over the Chattanooga Police Department (CPD)

What is a Civilian Oversight Board

A civilian oversight board (COB) is an agency staffed with civilians, not sworn officers, tasked with investigating community complaints of misconduct by the police. It is one tool, among others, used to protect civilians’ rights, to hold police accountable for misconduct, actions, and to create a safer Chattanooga.

What Will a COB Do For Chattanooga?

The Chattanooga Community Control Board which will have independent authority to investigate allegations of misconduct by the Chattanooga Police Department, offer and implement remedies to police accountability, issue advisory and resolution reports to institutions involved in public safety and the administration of justice, and issue findings of fact related to police misconduct.

Next Steps


Help the coalition gather signatures


Help support the coalition by donating


Make sure your voter registration is up to date

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